Grow Your Sales and Profits with Google Shopping
Management Fee starting at $299/Month  |  Trusted By Over +500 Shopify Stores
Increase Your Profits... Skip the DIY Learning Curve and Overpriced Ad Agencies
Our Management Plans Start at $299 and include a dedicated ad account manager and eCommerce strategist. We'll set up your campaigns and provide full-service management, taking all of the work out of your hands and maximizing your ROI.
Shopify E-commerce Focused Experts... Not a General Marketing Agency
You’ll see value in working with a team of Shopify eCommerce experts -- compared to a "do-it-all general ad agency." It’s the difference between working with a brain surgeon and a general practitioner.
Our Unique Strategy... Cuts Wasted Ad Spend by 65%
Our Keyword Targeted Campaign Methodology for Shopify stores helps increase your sales and profits by shifting your ad spend to the best keywords and traffic! We combine automation with human powered optimizations for the best results.
Powerful Machine Learning Software...With Personalized Campaign Management
Our team of experienced Google Shopping experts use advanced software and strategies to give you the best performance possible. We take the work out of your hands and personally monitor and optimize your ads. We never risk your account being run by fully automated machines.
Have Questions? Schedule A Free 20-Minute Google Shopping Account Audit
Schedule a free Google Shopping Account Audit Call and find out if our KTC Strategy is a good fit for your business...
What does the Free Account Review and Strategy include?
The Free Google Shopping Account Review and Strategy call includes a one-on-one phone conversation with our CEO, Kurt Prosser AND detailed recommendations on how you can grow your profit from Google Shopping. 

Kurt has audited 500+ Google Shopping campaigns since 2012 and has spoken with many Shopify store owners who were wasting money on Google Shopping or simply were not maximizing profit. HINT: if you only have one Google Shopping are wasting money!  

To claim your offer, simply click the "Book Your FREE Account Strategy Call"  button above and provide your contact information. Kurt will request temporary access and review your account before the call. During the call, you will discuss your past experience with Google Shopping and current goals, and then Kurt will provide detailed recommendations on how you can grow your profit from Google Shopping. For example, he may discuss how to use keyword targeting for Google Shopping, he may recommend alternative bid strategies, provide examples on negative keyword lists, recommend Shopping remarketing lists, and/or several other potential recommendations.  
Just Three Easy Steps to Schedule Your Strategy Session…
STEP #1: Click the button above "FREE 20-Minute Strategy Call". Select a day and time that works best for you.

STEP #2: Kurt will request access to your AdWords account. Once access is granted, Kurt will review your account.

STEP #3: Kurt will call you during the selected meeting time to do the screen share and review the recommendations. At the end of this one-on-one, no obligation Account Strategy call, you can implement these yourself or we can email you information about our services.  
If We Decide To Work Together, Here’s What We'll Do For You:
 $299+/Month Full-Service Google Shopping Management -- Save thousands in Ad Agency Fees
 Dedicated Ad Account Manager and E-Commerce Strategist
 Shopify E-commerce Focused Experts... Not a "General Marketing" Agency
 No Long Term Contracts & 100% Money Back Guarantee
See If We Are a Good Fit. Schedule Your Free Google Shopping Account Strategy Call Today
Start increasing your online stores sales and profits
Easy to Use
"Kurt and the Easton Digital team have accelerated our ecommerce website sales to new heights since taking over our Google Adwords account.  Kurt's team is results-oriented and focuses on ROI, and his team has added tremendous value to helping us grow our business. We recommend Easton Digital without reservation for any ecommerce business' Adwords and PPC."  
- Gary Li,  CEO, For the Chef

"We hired Easton Digital to take manage our Adwords campaigns. Not only did Kurt optimize our campaigns he took charge of our digital strategy and transformed the whole company with immediate results. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a digital strategist. Kurt and his team above and beyond to make sure the job gets done."
- Joe Manthuruthil, VP Ecommerce,  Cheap Favor Shop
"From the minute Easton Digital took it over from our old agency, we immediately started to see better results. They not only optimized all of our shopping campaigns so that we got a much better ROI, they also found ways to grow our account to get more traffic and sales at a low spend. We would highly recommend Easton Digital to anyone who wants to get the most out of their Google Shopping campaigns."
- Eli Rubel, Co-Owner, KTM Twins

"Kurt and Easton Digital have done an amazing job at taking our Adwords marketing to another level. When we started with Kurt, we had just come out of working with a costly agency. Kurt jumped right into our account and re-organized the campaigns and ad groups to match best practices."
- Tyler Lundmark, CEO, RoomDividersNow
"Before we met Kurt our spending against was getting recklessly out of control. But Kurt and his team put together a plan that allowed us to reduce our overall spend while increasing our spending on words that are important to our business. We've seen a 40% reduction in with a 15% uptick in business. We highly recommend Easton Digital."
- Tom McIntyre, Owner, School Outlet

"Kurt has been nothing but great to work with, in fact I would say he has been the best outside person we work with here at Back in 2015 we hired Kurt to bring some new life to our PLA's that were bringing in next to no traffic or sales. After Kurt took over he completely turned them around and now it is our #1 advertising channel."
- James Grasty, Co-founder,  TheBroBasket

Have Questions? Schedule Your Free Google Shopping Account Strategy Call Today
100% Risk Free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with you? 
This is a great question...there are three reasons. First, we implement our unique Google Shopping Keyword Targeting process to make sure your campaigns are focused on the most successful terms, while minimizing your ad spend on low quality terms. Second, our Shopify and eCommerce specialization plus years of experience with Google Shopping gives us better insights into what actually grows your business and allows us to drive better results. Third, our performanced based pricing model ensures our goals are aligned with yours and pushes us to grow your sales and profits, which results in a true partnership.
Is Google Shopping right for me?
If you are selling products, then yes! ...Google Shopping could be a good channel. However, we like to think of ecommerce marketing in terms of primary channels and secondary channels. If you are a beauty product, fashion product, impulse type product, innovative product or similar type products, then Google Shopping could be a great secondary channel after marking via Facebook, Instagram, influencers, etc. If you are a utility product, commodity product, research heavy product or high ticket product, Google Shopping is a great primary channel.  
Do you have any case studies you can send me?
Yes, just send us an email to and we can send over case studies for your review.
Who owns the Google account and data? 
Great question...a lot of agencies will create their campaigns in their account and keep all the data from you, which effectively locks you in to paying them every month. This is not in your best interest. We do everything within your accounts, including Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Merchant Center Accounts. You retain all data, campaigns and data feeds.

 Do you work with platforms besides Shopify?
Yes, we work all e-commerce platforms, including BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, and Clickfunnels. However, in some cases there may be an additional set-up fee or may take longer to setup. We cannot guarantee setup times.

Do you offer Facebook & Instagram marketing?
Yes, we offer our proprietary Google UTM Facebook Retargeting for our private clients. However, do not offer Facebook Ads to cold traffic. 
Do you offer other services besides Google Shopping & Bing Shopping?
Yes, we can do the full range of advertising campaigns within Google AdWords and Bing Ads. We often do text ads, dynamic remarketing ads, display ads, etc, etc. We offer these for an additional fee, please contact us at for additional information.
Who will I be working with and communicating with on a regular basis?
You will have two points of contact.. Your Account Manager will be the main point of contact for reporting, performance, account changes, etc, etc. Your PPC Manager will help to develop the advertising strategy. Both will be available to discuss your account. Your team is available for emails and/or phone calls and everyone on your team is located in the office in Columbus, Ohio.  
Why should I advertising on Bing Shopping? 
In many cases, Bing Shopping can drive a higher ROI. Between less competition and generally an older, more affluent user base, Bing is often an untapped channel that many overlook. Of course, there are some risks to Bing Shopping if you don't do it right. Bing's algorithm isn't as precise at aligning search intent with products and targeted keywords. Therefore, the process to minimize risk and maximize long term ROI.
If I’m marketing on Facebook and Instagram, why should I market on Google Shopping? 
The simple answer is to diversify your traffic sources. However, the better answer is to protect your brand and products and to “own” the secondary channel. We get lots of call from companies who have a popular t-shirt slogan, trendy product, beauty product or popular fashion product that has spent a lot of time and money creating the market through Facebook, Instagram and influencer marketing, but the suddenly see aggressive competitors “stealing” sales by running low price Google Shopping ads.

How much should I spend on Google Shopping?
This is a very hard question to answer. Google Shopping ads get most of their traffic on the search results page. Getting on the search results page depends on several factors including competition, amount you're willing to bid, and your product data feed. Therefore, monthly estimates are impossible to get accurate. We recommend setting a test ad budget of $1,000 to understand the market, potential traffic, and actual cost per click rates. This will allow us to better estimate what your potential monthly ad spend and traffic could be from Google Shopping.  
Typical ROI from Google Shopping?
Your return on investment or net profit from Google Shopping really depends on the value you are presenting to customers in comparison to similar products and competitors on the market. If you are offering more value than others and have a high propensity for repeat purchases, your ROI could be very high. If you have the same exact products as everyone else, mid range or higher prices, and average website design, your ROI would likely be average at best. For most ecommerce companies, ROI from Google Shopping is higher than Google text ads or display ads on the Google display network?
Our Google Shopping Services for Shopify Stores Helps Increase Your Sales.
 Say Goodbye to Wasted Ads Spend and High Retainer Fees... and Say Hello to Larger Net Profits. 

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